Silk Screen and Embroidered Pre-Mades

We offer silk screen services in which we manufacture the shirts whatever size you wish (american sizes) and apply the silk screen.

White-Ts starting at $6.50.

All Other Colors Starting at $7

We also offer polos with your logo embroidered.

White $8.50

Other Colors $9

Please Contact us about our heat transfer services on manufactured clothing, vinyl and other services for a quote.



Professional Design

By using Optitex we can design and 3-D render any piece of clothing.

Our process is very simple using a physical sample our technicians, measure and cut out the different pieces needed to create the object.

For example a shirt, we need to design vector files of the front, back, neck, sleeves depending on the sizing of the physical sample you provide. From there using software we can grade/scale the pieces to create different sizes. If you designed a shirt that was labeled as a large, we scale it to create any size from XXS to 4XL.

Of course if you don't have physical samples we at least require your designs to be in .CAD format or vector format so we can work with it.

At the end of this process you receive a spec sheet with the measurements of each piece according to each size.

Price for this process is anywhere from $150 to $250 per piece. Though we offer special pricing to consistent customers or bulk customers.

Manufacturing Process

Once our factories receive the measurement specifications of the piece that was designed they begin to create samples for every size.

We offer these samples to you free of charge so we can make edits before mass production begins.

Our mass production services can be scaled to your needs, with a minimum of 3 pieces per size. We don't want to force you to have to buy large quantities, we give you only what you request.

We deliver the clothing with the very basic, tags of where it comes from, fabric composition and size labels. We fold them into unmarked poly bags and deliver them to anywhere in the United States.

Optional Services include brand tags on both the physical clothing and poly bags. Regular boat delivery (10-20) days but very cheap or airplane delivery (2-4) days but pricier.

Design to Sample 2 weeks to complete.

Production to Delivery 2-4 weeks to complete.

Spec Sheet Sample

Next Steps...

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