Digitize Clothing

Before any factory will mass produce any piece of clothing it needs to be scaled and digitized to print out on a plotter. We provide those services at a low cost in a variety of plans.

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Full Service Manufacturing

Once we have the data. Our factories will mass produce any piece of clothing in any quantity you need with a variety of materials.

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Why us?

Unlike most manufacturers we won't force you to buy large quantities. If you only need 10 pieces that is all we will deliver. We provide quality and since most of our manufacturing is done in Colombia everything is duty free.

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Our Proven Process

We work with a variety of designers and stores and our customers can tell you our process works.

We start by taking either your physical or digital sample and getting it professionally designed in the Optitex platform.

Our experts then render your piece in 3D so you can see how the final product will look like and fit on a model. Once you are happy with the dimensions and grading (creating different sizes of the same product) we send it to our factories so they can create a sample of each size. This process takes about two weeks and once you study the samples and make any changes needed, we can begin mass production.

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Fabrics and Manufacturing


Next Steps...

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